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Amsler Grid

Amsler Grid

Photo courtesy of the National Eye Institute,
National Institutes of Health


Using the Amsler Grid to Test for Macular Degeneration

1. Wear the glasses you normally wear for reading. If you wear bifocals, use the bottom or reading portion of the glass.

2. Stand about 12 inches (comfortable reading distance) away from the grid.

3. Cover one eye and look at the center dot. You should be able to see the four corners of the square and also see that the large square is composed of many smaller squares.

First Day of Use: Observe the grid. Mark with a pencil any areas of distortion, any gray, blurry, or blank spots. This will be your baseline pattern. Each day thereafter, look at the center dot of the Amsler grid.

When to Call the Office: If you notice any new areas of distortion, wavy lines, or enlargement of the blank spots, especially towards the center, please contact our office to arrange for an appointment within ONE to TWO days.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the Amsler grid, please contact Jill at 694-1471.